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SPACE Fair representative in Ukraine


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Virbac is the first international independent laboratory dedicated to animal health. The Group wanted to have a deeper understanding of Ukrainian market and to find new distributors for its products. On our request, a market study on Animal Health followed by research of distributors was conducted by Est Expansion. The cooperation proved to be very satisfactory as both targets set up by the Group were achieved. Est Expansion team remained pragmatic, driven by the willingness to meet our requirements, in terms of information quality as well as in terms of deadlines. Moreover, the established relationship with Est Expansion was very pleasant.
Jean-François SOU
We have chosen EST EXPANSION to develop our sales of poultry drinking lines, fogging systems and egg conveyors in Ukraine. Their local structure and commercial team perfectly match our business needs: a very good network of our type of clients and prospects, excellent knowledge of import, logistic and technical aspects. Our offer is oriented at both small and big producers, and EST EXPANSION provides them locally with this offer and necessary customized technical support, enabling the sustainable development of our sales in Ukraine. I can only recommend them if you want to set up or develop your business in the area.
We needed to deliver our equipment to a client in Ukraine who wanted a turn-key solution (to import the irrigation system, to deliver it directly to his place and to launch its functioning). Est Expansion knew how to satisfy our requirement in a very short deadlines regarding logistics aspects, and then by meeting our installation manager, by supplying specific equipment and specialized team of workers to make the installation itself. Since, we continue our cooperation with Est Expansion on installations destined for our key accounts, they also coordinate our activities towards distributors and provide them with necessary specialized support in commercial, technical and administrative aspects.
Our group has been working in Ukraine with Est Expansion for 10 years. Its team had managed to build up our network of importers and to develop each year our volume of sales, our assortment as well as our range of clients in the country. We are very satisfied with the value of bilingual team who perfectly understands their subject.
Being a manufacturer of die and wear parts designed for granulation producing plants, we are exporting to Ukraine for a few months now. Est Expansion is our local partner since our very first steps on the market (February 2010) till today when we have there a French-speaking collaborator in charge of the follow-up of our current and potential clients (she is dealing with commercial offers, contracts, orders, …). In our partner, Est Expansion, we have found flexible, pragmatic, and very well-adapted structure capable to accompany a SME like ours in this country. We can only recommend them if you want to establish your business in Ukraine.
Pascal LE DU
After conducting an on-the-ground market study on mines, steel industry and quarries sectors, Est Expansion has accompanied us during our prospecting mission in Ukraine. This mission, busy scheduled and well-organized, enabled us to meet key representatives in the sectors we have targeted. Thus, we have quickly confirmed the important potential of Ukrainian market for our metallurgical products. With the support of Est Expansion, we have soon received an important order for foundry pieces. We are already considering another mission in Ukraine in order to continue our setting-up on the market.
Vincent LE COQ
We have chosen Est Expansion as a partner to support us in establishing our business in Ukraine. They allowed us to understand the cogs of Distance Selling environment in Ukraine, they have put in evidence different possible models of development and have assisted us in setting up our activity according to the investment model proper to our business plan. We rely on its team and structure in Kiev to deal with recruitment, to be an umbrella company for our local team. We are entirely satisfied with Est Expansion professionalism and its operational efficiency.
I want to thank you Est Expansion team just as much for the quality of selected contacts for import and distribution of our goods in Ukraine as for the follow-up work they have done. We most likely would not be able to sign the distribution agreement with our partner. Our first truck is on the way to Ukraine!
Andréas OSTER
On behalf of our Group, a big thank-you to Inna, Natalia, Svetlana, Olga, Vassily, our dear Ambassadors of Bretagne region, for your work and your presence at any moment with us during this Interagro Show 2010 in Kiev. The results of an exhibition are strongly connected to the work done beforehand. The work you have done to establish the maximum number of contacts during the Show has paid off in spades. Bravo! Nothing attracting a crowd like a crowd, this event enabled us to generate a flow of visitors as well as excellent contacts on our stand. A lot of French exposing companies were jealous of our operation. Let it be said!  Ukraine was voting this week-end: in Bretagne International, we have elected Est Expansion for President!
We were looking for developing our business in Ukraine and, one year ago, we have started our cooperation with Est Expansion. The efficiency of its team was really impressive as within one month a very precise and detailed market research has been conducted. It led us to a contact signing with the biggest local distributor afterwards. In a few days, we organize our first Revol event in Ukraine, the country that we did not know one year ago.
On our behalf, Est Expansion was involved in the heavy and complicated process of importation and installation of our rotary printing line in Ukraine. Its team provided us all needed expertise, together with great availability and prompt reaction, necessary to rapidly realize and without litigations this procedure.
Est Expansion has successfully coordinated the opening of our branch in Kiev. The team performed with a lot of pragmatism regarding legal aspects, the search for employees and office premises as well as regarding commercial database creation specific for our activity.
A very good positioning of our brand and a well-targeted selection of distributors that were carried out by Est Expansion, enable us to sell today in Ukraine via a solid and reliable partner.
Jean-Christophe RUIZ
For my first visit to Ukraine, Est Expansion has carried out a remarkable prospecting work and prepared a meeting agenda including our main targets. We have signed up with a distributor who, after a few weeks of Est Expansion`s assistance, has listed our products in his catalogue and orders regularly now.